We Build Your Brand On Voice First.

We develop for the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice technology devices.

Our team of voice technology experts help your brand or business to build voice first content and voice applications.

We can manage your flash briefings, build custom skills or actions  and even provide consultancy to your team.

voice first agency melbourne

"A voice first agency that cares"

team of voice first experts

We work closely with you to build, test and market your voice applications on platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Home Pod.

Our friendly yet thorough team are on hand to work with you and your business to achieve your voice first goals.

We specialize in development for..

Developing voice skills for amazon alexa

Amazon Alexa

develop voice applications for google assistant

Google Assistant

develop voice applications for microsoft cortana

Microsoft Cortana

As more and more people are using smart speakers and voice devices, brands and businesses are now using these platforms to deliver content and value to their customers. Digital marketing is an absolute must for any business and voice first will become a big part of marketing as we know it.

Similar to when smart phones were released, the applications were a huge part of the functionality and usefulness of the device. This is a similar thing with smart speakers. Voice applications have a significant advantage over screen based applications as you can use them hands free.

This enables marketers, businesses or brands to provide value to their customers or potential customers by building a voice application that represents them on the voice first platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Where to start?

We recommend to our clients that starting with the Amazon Alexa flash briefings is a great way to get to know voice first technology and to understand how delivering content on a smart speaker works.  

Flash briefings are small snippets of audio content that can be delivered daily or weekly to your customer. User’s can ask Alexa “What’s in the news?” and Alexa will return their choice of media outlet that they select in the Amazon Skill store.

This is a fantastic way to put your business or brand front and center in the parts of peoples day that they choose to listen.

If this is something you think your business or brand maybe interested in, give us a call and we are always happy to chat.