Custom Skills and Actions

From start to finish, we build your brand on voice first technology.

1. Consultation

We’ll arrange a time to discuss how building a custom skill for your brand can help you make the jump into voice first technology.

Whether you have an idea for a custom skill already or you are looking for ideas, we will take an in depth look at your business values and goals to see what kind of voice app will work for you.

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2. Skill Design

Custom skill and action design

Our voice first experts get to work in designing your voice application for your business.

We’ll come up with ideas and solutions as to how your custom skill will interact with users and what your skill will be capable of.

We’ll also help you to look at ROI’s for your skill and how you can monetize your voice app.

3. Code and Deploy

Our in house coding team bring your custom skill to life, taking it from the design stage to a fully functioning voice application.

We’ll then deploy your custom skill to the platforms of your choice such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant.

We’ll vigorously test your skill to ensure it functions as it should in real life situations.

4. Maintain and Upgrade

Maintain and upgrade custom skills and actions

We’ll take care of all ongoing maintenance on your skill as well as looking for opportunities to enhance the user experience.

By tracking user metrics we can keep you updated with monthly reports as to how well your custom skill is performing.

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