Flash Briefings

From start to finish, we build your brand on voice first technology.

1. Consultation

We’ll arrange a convenient time to have a casual yet thorough chat about your business and our flash briefing services.

We’ll dig deep into your brand’s values to help us understand how our voice first agency will best be of service.

Flash briefing services consultation

2. Content Creation

Flash briefing content creationwith our vocie first agency

Our voice first experts work closely with you and your team to develop a content strategy for your flash briefings.

We can help you with idea generation, copy writing, voice overs and producing the audio files for your flash briefing.

Not only are we a voice first agency, we have in house audio professionals who focus solely on sound quality.

3. Optimization

With your marketing goals in mind, we help you to optimize your flash briefings with specific call to actions.

Whether this is selling products, brand awareness or driving traffic to your website, we can help you track specific metrics to your brand.

We also optimize your flash briefing to rank in the Amazon skill store using our SEO tactics.

4. Host and Publish Your Flash Briefings

We can produce and publish your flash briefings daily, weekly or anything in between.

By hosting your flash briefings for you it enables us to take care of scheduling, posting and tracking your listeners.

Our flash briefing services can be tailored to any size business or brand.

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