Podcast Player Skill

From start to finish, we build your brand on voice first technology.

1. Consultation

We can arrange a suitable time to find out a bit about you, your podcast and your brand.

We’ll explain to you how we can publish your podcast as a custom skill on the various voice platforms. This will enable listeners to ask their smart speakers for your podcast directly.

Podcast player skill consultation

2. Code and Build Your Podcast Player

Our voice first agency experts will gather all of the necessary links, content and artwork from you to begin building your custom podcast player skill.

We’ll manage all of the technical coding business and build you a fully functioning voice application specifically for your podcast.

3. Test and Deploy Your Podcast Skill

After testing your new Alexa skill or Google Action, we’ll get the go ahead from you to publish your skill live to the voice platforms.

We can also show you how to implement a call to action and monetize your new custom podcast skill.

4. Maintain and Update

Maintaining and updating podcast player skill on amazon alexa

We’ll make sure all of your latest episodes get added to your podcast player skill as well as hosting and general maintenance.

We can also provide you reports on user metrics, play count, activity and performance of your new podcast skill.

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